Poetry Homework: Couplets

Today, we practiced writing a couplet. The task for homework is to create a couplet with 3 stanzas and atleast 1 simile and 1 alliteration.

A couplet is a pair of lines that rhyme. So, with a minimum of 3 stanzas, the poem should have at least 6 lines, every two lines separated (like a paragraph).

Here is an example of a 3-stanza couplet with 1 simile and 1 alliteration:

A Snowy Night

The wind blows cold on a wintery night

The glistening snow, oh, what a wonderful sight


The stars are as sparkly as the sun in the dark sky

I wonder how they got up so high


Snowflakes fall softly without making a sound

They fall and fall until they cover the ground.





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