For today’s homework, we have to write a quatrain.

What’s are quatrain poems?

Quatrain poems are special poems with four lines that rhyme. Each four lines are called stanzas.


Here is a quatrain poem with an ABAB scheme. The first and third line rhyme and the second and fourth line rhyme.

I like to dribble the ball – a
When I go outside to play – b
Its better than a doll – a
On a sunny day in May – b

This one is an AABB scheme. The first and second lines rhyme and then the third and fourth lines rhyme with each other.

Basketball is not boring – a
Dribbling, shooting, scoring – a
The only way to play – b
Is winning all the way. – b

The ABCB rhyme scheme needs the second and fourth line to rhyme and the first and third line need to flow with the poem.

Once I made a snowman – a
Handsome as can be – b
In the snow he melted – c
A sad sight to see. – b


In order to make our poems better, we add similes, alliteration and repetition. We have already practiced similes and alliteration, so, we have to add one of each in our poem.


He is another example:

It Rained

I went to school in my brand new black boots

I was dressed in a sweater while the rest wore suits

I stood out like a freshly baked cake in a bakery’s display

But I didn’t mind the stares in the hallway


I may have forgotten that we have a uniform

But I need to dress warm because of the storm

The rain poured plenty of watery drops

But I guess that’s good for the farm crops


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