Similes in Poetry

What is simile in a poem?
A simile is an easy way to compare two things, so examples of simile poems include any poem that makes comparisons using the words “like” or “as.”

Here are some examples of similes in poems:

My Family

My mom is like a fire.
She’s always warm, but sometimes she gets too hot.

My brother is like a tornado.
He always moves fast and spreads destruction wherever he goes.

My sister is like a snowstorm.
She’s pretty to look at and icy at times, but with a little bit of sunshine, that iciness melts.

Together we are like a partly cloudy day.
We have our moments of darkness and gloom, but the sun always peeks through.

The Basketball

The basketball is an airplane,
It flies down the court heading
Straight for the basket.

The basketball is like a heartbeat
Pounding rhythmically on the
Gymnasium floor.

The basketball is as smooth as butter
As it slides out of my hands and
Into the basket.

This first line of this poem is a simile:Freedom_Sample_2.jpg




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