Legends Assignment

Language Arts Assignment


In the past few months, we have been learning about fables and legends. Now is the time to show what you have learned by writing your own legend. This assignment needs 2 drafts before the final copy. Both drafts must be approved by your teacher before proceeding. The final copy MUST be typed and printed. The final copy is due Tuesday Feb 28, 2017 and presentations will follow during the week. 

The criteria for the marks is as follows:

Criteria Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Knowledge and understanding:

Students will demonstrate:

·         Include all elements of story structure (character, setting, problem, plot, solution)

·         Demonstrate understanding of specific elements of fable/legend (talking animals, moral, situation/problem/explanation of existing objects)

·         Topic was directly related to the task.


·         Students used organizers to plan their fable.

·         Students used information in organizing how to write a fable.

·         Creativity of plot/moral/explanation evident in story


·         Organize ideas logically, sequentially

·         Used language of their chosen genre

·         Spell everyday words correctly

·         Evidence of transition words/phrases


·         Used descriptive words and action words to help convey meaning

·         Sentences conveyed the meaning intended –written in past tense.


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