Social Studies Assignment

Travel Brochure of a Country in Europe


Each student will develop a travel brochure of one country in Europe. The brochure must contain the following information for each country:


  • A brief history of the country
  • Major attractions
  • Information on the Capital city
  • Population
  • Landforms/Landscape
  • Languages
  • Climate
  • Crops
  • Industries/job sectors
  • Education
  • Religion
  • Recreational Activities
  • Foods

Your brochure should try to convince people to visit your country.  Your writing should consist of correct grammar, complete sentences, correct facts and neatness.  You may type your brochure or hand write it.  Use creativeness to design your brochure.  There should be photographs-either drawn or copied- in your brochure.

You will present the brochure in front of the class. Your goal is to convince your classmates to visit the country you have chosen. This assignment is due Feb 22.



Brochure Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Information was accurate and detailed        
Neat and Creative        
Grammar and Spelling        
Oral Presentation        
Total Mark           /  16        


You can use a template on Microsoft Word or

Click here to see a sample: country-travel-brochure-sample-1rmjbzx



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