Social Studies Assignment

Road trip across Europe

Imagine that you have the opportunity to travel across Europe. Where would you go? Who will go with you? What would you visit? What will you eat?

Your task is to research European travel destinations and create a travel journal for 4 days. It can be one country but visiting 2-4 different cities or travel from one country to another.  You need to include:

  • Name of the travel destination(s)
  • Dates of the trip
  • Daily entries about the trip (4 days)
  • Discuss important landmarks and cultural activities
  • Modes of transportation (how did you get around the city?)


You will be assessed on the completion of a travel journal with accurate and interesting details of the European destination. You cannot make-up places, not even restaurants; you have to research as if it were a real trip.  Due date: March 8, 2017





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