Review for upcoming tests

Math: (test Thursday)
  • Two digit by two digit multiplication ex. 25 x 45 (page 54)
  • Multiplying using partial product method
  • Multiplying using Lattice Method (worksheet attached)
  • Estimating to find the answer, ex. 3.6 x $29.67… 3.5 x 40 = 140 (workbook page Page 53, 79)
  • Multiplying whole numbers and decimals by 1000 and 10,000 ex. 1.4 x 1000 (workbook page Page 52, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85)
Science Review: (Test Thursday)
  1. The air composition
  2. Who is Leonardo Da Vinci and what is his relation to ornithopters
  3. Which mammals can sustain leveled flight
  4. Atmosphere – how many layers? And is it important to know the first, second, and the fourth layer (names and details from the notes)
  5. Who were the Wright Brothers
  6. Properties of Air
  7. What is Air Pressure
  8. What are the four principles of flight
  9. Bernoulli’s principle (draw an example – bottle and water flow)
  10. Should know at least one societal and environmental impacts of flying devices
Social Studies:
  • The number of countries in Europe
  • The different regions
  • The transcontinental countries
  • Largest/smallest country in Europe
  • Number of members in the European Union (the number when they started, and until now)
  • European Union’s previous name
  • Landmarks
  • Population – top 5 countries, % of the world‘s population living in Europe
  • How much percent does Europe cover of the Earth’s land
  • How big Europe compared to other continents (4th, 5th, 6th biggest?)
Language Arts: Practice writing your opinions especially on articles from the newsletter.

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