SCIENCE test review

  • What is energy?
  • What is potential energy? (show a diagram)
  • What is kinetic energy?
  • What is the law of conservation of energy?
  • What is chemical energy?
  • What is electrical energy?
  • What is gravitational energy?
  • What is heat/thermal energy (you should know one example)?
  • What is light energy?
  • What is energy transformation?
  • What is nuclear energy?
  • What is mechanical energy?



Science Assignment – Energy Transformation

Science – Electricity and Electrical Devices Unit – Assignment 1 (25 marks)

Use your creativity to come up with some sort of design for a system that undergoes at least one energy transformation.

Choose from either Option A or Option B:

Option A:

Your assignment is to build a machine that demonstrates a transformation of energy. You can use arts and crafts materials, elastics, even batteries and wires! All your machine has to do, is… DO something.

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