Science Assignment – Energy Transformation

Science – Electricity and Electrical Devices Unit – Assignment 1 (25 marks)

Use your creativity to come up with some sort of design for a system that undergoes at least one energy transformation.

Choose from either Option A or Option B:

Option A:

Your assignment is to build a machine that demonstrates a transformation of energy. You can use arts and crafts materials, elastics, even batteries and wires! All your machine has to do, is… DO something.

You will present this machine to the class and explain to the class the energy transformation taking place.

You will hand in a one page typed copy of your presentation. It should explain what transformations of energy are happening in your machine, as well as the definition of each type of energy being used by your machine, how it works, and an explanation of the law of conservation of energy.


The Screaming Alarm Humidifier

Global Function:

This invention acts as an alarm to wake you up in the morning, while simultaneously bringing moisture to your bedroom on those dry winter days.

How it works:

Ex: At 6:30 every morning, a timer sets off an electrical device that heats up water inside a container. When the water gets hot enough, the heat is transformed into kinetic energy as the steam begins to rise. The steam travels through a small hole (causing vibrations) so that a whistling sound occurs.

Choice B

On a poster board, include:

* Title

* Your Name

* Description of the object’s function (what it does)

* Description of how it works (energy transformations)


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