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Transition Words

Transitions is a word, phrase, sentence, or series of sentences connecting one part of a discourse to another.

Transitions that add to or continue an idea you’re writing about:
as previously stated
at last
at length
at the same time
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Improving your writing skills

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Then keep practicing!

Your goal:

  • Write on at least four different prompts without hesitation. One rule: Just keep your pencil moving!

Writing prompt ideas

  1. Write about being left behind. OR Write about leaving.
  2. I wish I could tell the truth about __________, but I don’t know how.
  3. Write about a time when you hurt someone and regretted it.
  4. Write about a time when you felt betrayed by someone you know well.
  5. Write about a time when you lost something important.
  6. Write about a time you beat someone at something.
  7. Write about a time you didn’t want to end.
  8. Write about a time when you felt scared.
  9. Write about a time when you broke the rules.
  10. Write about something you really want. What you would be willing to do to get it?
  11. When the aliens landed, I . . .

Trust the creative process and yourself. Your stories matter!